MEDMONDAY: Lorazepam

Today I picked Lorazepam! šŸ’ŠClass, Category, and ScheduleĀ  Chemical Class: Benzodiazepine Class: Amnestic, antianxiety, anticonvulsant, sedative Pregnancy Class: D šŸ’ŠMain Purpose Treatment of anxiety and possible seizures šŸ’ŠMechanism of Action Lorazepam potentiates the effects of GABA & other inhibitory neurotransmitters by binding to the specific benzodiazepine receptors in the cortical and limbic areas of the … Continue reading MEDMONDAY: Lorazepam

MedMonday: Xarelto (Rivaroxaban)

Today I randomly picked Xarelto! Which is actually really similar to EliquisĀ in that they both prevent arterial and venous clots (DVTs and pulmonary embolisms) šŸ’ŠMain purpose: Prevention of deep vein thrombosis which may lead to pulmonary embolisms following knee or hip replacement surgery šŸ’ŠClass/Category: Factor Xa inhibitor šŸ’ŠTherapeuticĀ Class: Antithrombolytic šŸ’ŠPregnancy Class: C šŸ’ŠMOA: Selectively blocks … Continue reading MedMonday: Xarelto (Rivaroxaban)