Cheers to officially being 6 months in and 2 weeks away from the halfway mark, but “BURNT OUT”Ā  is the only phrase that can 110% capture my feelings right now.
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The Summer I term has been absolutely killer. Two back to back 12 hour clinical days, 7 credits of MedSurg II, 2 credits of Pharm II (WHICH REALLY FEELS LIKE 7 CREDITS), exams every week (SOMETIMES 2 BACK TO BACK), clinical paperwork, concept maps, 2 ATI proctored exams, waking up at 3 am, personal life, researchingĀ Master’s programs, memorizing every single drug ever created ever, life, the size of the moon etcetcetcetc
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Currently, I’m in the midst of studying for our four final exams next week (1 MedSurg, 1 Pharm II, 1 ATI proctored Fundamentals, 1 ATI proctored Pharm). The proctored exams account for 4% of our final grades for each subject respectively. So what does that mean in simpler terms?
If ya do well and get the entire 4%, then ok good 4Ā uĀ itsĀ not gonna do jack to your final grade lol. BUT! If ya bomb the proctored exams and lose that 4% lol say bye bye to 2 points on your final gradeĀ šŸ˜­
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I’ve literally always been borderline of a 93% where a 94+ is an A. Which means I’m a straight B+ student according to my grading scale. I have struggled immensely with “accepting” that B’s on your transcriptĀ areĀ not frownedĀ upon in the world of nursing but beingĀ one question away from getting a potential A irks me endlessly.
And so yet again I am on the border of an A and a B+. Since the beginning of this semester, I told myself that I’m going to get an A no matter what.
“I’m gonna work super hard and get a 94+ !!!” Well, I’m not going to say I didn’t work super hard (I STUDIED MY ASS OFF), but I always feel like I could’veĀ done more. And now it’s the last stretch and IĀ have 2 options.
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I could 1) Drive myself crazy and continue to have breakdowns every few hours and feel overwhelmed by the amount of information I don’t know in ATI in hopes that I can get that 4% entirely 2) I can be calm and not worry about the result, but rather concern myself with actually learning the material
Y’all I’ve beaten myself up over these grades for the past 6 months but honestly, I’ve learned that not getting perfect grades doesn’t mean you’re not smart. I surprise myself at how much I really do know when I’m in a clinical setting and how much random information I can spout at a whim. Shoutout at that cardiologist who was blown away when I was able to recite Troponin/ CK-MB peak times & values at clinical the other day. Honestly, it’s times like that which remind that I really am learning things!
At the end of the day, what’s gonna make you a good nurse is being able to take what you learn from the classroom and apply it to a clinical setting. Keeping the mindset of studying for your patients rather than the grades really doesĀ motivate me in a more positive direction.
So for this last weekĀ of hell, I’m allowing myself to breathe and be okay with imperfection. Besides, studying to actually learn is a lot more fun than trying to study for results.
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One thought on “BURNT OUTšŸ”„

  1. allaboutthescrublife says:

    Iā€™m exhausted just reading this! Exams every week are so stressful but I know youā€™ll do Well! And I like what you said about studying to learn and not studying for results, thatā€™s so true and Iā€™m going to try and apply this to myself!


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