MedMath YouTube Series!

Hi guys! I just uploaded a couple videos on YouTube with step by step instructions on how to solve NCLEX med math problems (flow rates mL/hr, microgtt/min, infusion time).

First of all, I am no math expert. I have always been absolutely horrible at math so when
I heard that there would be medmath on all our exams and a medmath exam every semester I low key freaked out. I particularly struggled a lot with getting into the habit of solving these questions with dimensional analysis just because I wasn’t familiar with it. However, solving these questions in any other way except dimensional analysis could lead to your answer being marked incorrect.

So what’s the big deal with dimensional analysis? It helps you solve multi-step problems in an organized manner. Trust me when I say that medmath questions get complicated and missing a step could lead to mistakes. My professor marks the entire question wrong if your work isn’t in dimensional analysis or if you omit units (learned that one the hard wayšŸ˜­).

The only way to really get these questions is to practice, practice, practice! Medmath on exams are free points! And if you’re like me and get stumped while trying to decipher the correct combination of letters on SATA questions, then you probably need all the points that you can get. (SATA questions hate me almost as much as I hate themĀ šŸ˜­) My best advice is to take your time, practice ahead of time and most importantly, READ THE ENTIRE QUESTION! There are a lot of distractions put in to throw you off. You have to look at the question and figure out what information is relevant to you.

I also get my problems from the medmath textbook required by my university: Calculate with Confidence 6th Edition. Although I don’t recommend this book since it has a great deal of incorrect answers and the solutions aren’t given in dimensional analysis.

Good luck and I hope these videos help! I’ll be adding more types of questions as I progress through my program. Also, I apologize in advance for my atrocious handwritingĀ Ā šŸ˜“





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