Nursing School! Month 3/14

So this morning I was trying to do some math and figure out what fraction of nursing school I’ve finished. 14 divided by 4 is 3.5? I guess cheers to almost being 1/3 a way into this program!

Okay this is one is going to be short, I promise.


March officially began semester 2 which means we start MedSurg I, Pharm I, MedSurg I lab and one 12-hour clinical day per week. I started the semester off rough with a 90% in my first Pharm exam. Which I was super bummed about given that I knew every drug like the back of my hand. OK and yeah I know what you’re thinking! It’s a 90%, why are you bummed? Grading scale friend. I felt very well prepared for Pharm and I really went into details studying MOAs and Pathophysiology. But this isn’t medschool. It’s nursing school. The questions will never ask you about the MOA but rather the priority nursing responsibility. I’ve emphasized this several times but nursing school is a different mindset. It’s content and priority based. I literally have to force myself to get out of the habit of memorizing details and focus on nursing priorities. I kept that in the back of my mind while studying for my first MedSurg exam. I’ve heard horror stories about MedSurg and how it’s a “weed-out class” and our instructor even emphasized that people fail this course. Gee thanks for making my anxiety go out of the roof. I may have gone a little overboard and burned myself out by studying until 5 am and having a couple breakdowns but I ended up getting a 96.6% on my first exam! (It would’ve been a 98 if I hadn’t forgotten to round up on my flow rate question 😢) I was beyond ecstatic! The first exam is always the easiest but I do feel a little better knowing I have a good amount of cushioning for the next two exams but more so I’m happy because I think I’m finally starting to understand how to answer questions effectively.

Time Management 

Time management has been something I’ve been struggling with honestly. I have clinicals on Saturdays so my days off are Thursdays and Sundays. I still have 2 days off but I just feel like it’s difficult to manage not having 2 consecutive days off. Saturdays I come back exhausted after clinicals and barely get any studying done and end up sleeping in on Sundays and Thursdays are for errands. It’s not impossible to manage and I still have a good amount of time to study but I really have to force myself to prioritize.


So I can’t say too much about clinicals since my university discourages students from posting about their clinical experiences on social media but I will say that I absolutely love clinicals and I’m finally starting to feel like a nurse! 😊 Yes clinicals are exhausting but I’m so busy that I don’t even notice the clock! I learn so much and I absolutely feel like the hands-on experience motivates me more to learn more.

General Thoughts 

This past month has definitely been x100 more difficult than the previous months. There were times when I felt like I was “drowning”. And that was only the first month of this semester. April is going to be fun 😭 However, I definitely enjoy the content more and having the clinical experience on the side is helping me connect the dots from lecture to real life. With all the snow days, we’re going to end up having exams every week for the rest of the semester 😢 I feel like I’m ready as long as I keep up and stay positive! This is also the first weekend I’ve had completely off since starting Semester #2 so I’m thoroughly enjoying my time sleeping in 😊 Wish me luck!💕

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