MedMonday: Xarelto (Rivaroxaban)

Today I randomly picked Xarelto! Which is actually really similar to Eliquis in that they both prevent arterial and venous clots (DVTs and pulmonary embolisms)

💊Main purpose: Prevention of deep vein thrombosis which may lead to pulmonary embolisms following knee or hip replacement surgery

💊Class/Category: Factor Xa inhibitor

💊Therapeutic Class: Antithrombolytic

💊Pregnancy Class: C

💊MOA: Selectively blocks the active site of factor Xa, which plays a key role in the cascade of coagulation –> Blocking the formation of factor Xa with factor Va prevents the production of thrombin

💊Contraindications: 1) Active pathological bleeding  2) Hypersensitivity to rivaroxaban or it’s components




Xarelto binds to free, complexed, or clot-associated factor Xa and competitively inhibits factor Xa from forming a complex with factor Va, thus preventing thrombin production 




Reference: Nurse’s Drug Handbook 2018 (17th Edition) 

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